June 17, 2011

Day Trip to the Woods

Barn Swallows filmed at Harriman State Park

...Accompanied by music from one of my favorite symphonies.  Note the descending fourth in the woodwinds that mimics a bird's call :)
A better quality version can be seen here.

Hike to Little Dam Lake, a section of the Appalachian Trail.

(If you know what the blooming bushes are called, I would love to know.  I can only guess that they are in the azalea/rhododendron family)

 Wildlife seen:
White-tailed Deer
Red-winged Blackbird
Barn Swallow
Cliff Swallow
Gray Catbird
Yellow Warbler
Eastern Phoebe
Great Blue Heron
Brown-headed Cowbird
Turkey Vulture


  1. A little research revealed that the flowery bushes are Mountain Laurel:

  2. This is so beautiful!! Is it ok if I repost this?
    Which lake is this?
    We usually hike to Pine Meadow.

  3. Thanks! You're more than welcome to repost.

    The swallows were filmed at Silver Mine Lake, right by the ski slope. There's a little bridge over a creek that flows into the lake where it appears that they had built nests underneath. The lower pictures were from Little Dam Lake, which I think is part of Sterling Forest.

    I'll have to check out Pine Meadow next time! Thanks for the tip.