September 28, 2010

Geometricity: New Embroidery Project

Ok, so I've always been a bit of a math nerd.  I had a knack for the numbers, but I think it all came down to the alluring elegant solutions.  When the puzzle pieces fit just right, when there can only be one possibility for x... Tessellations, the golden mean, fractals, and just simply geometric patterns...  Where math becomes beautiful.  In the end, all art is made up of molecules and atoms and is constantly vibrating and falling into patterns that might not be immediately apparent.  It can be soothing and pleasing to the eye even if it appears to have no tangible structure.  It's no wonder that I ended up becoming a sound engineer (my "day" job): it combines the technical with the creative.

I recently picked up The Geometry of Art and Life by Matila Ghyka, and can't wait to crack it open.  I won't let myself until I finish this current read.

I have rough sketches inspired by this train of thought: nautiluses, schematics...still waiting to get polished.  A recent one that I've finished is this geometric pattern:

I have a deep fuscia/purple skirt that is currently being rehabbed that I've been planning to embroider and its day has now come.  Here's the design being imprinted on the skirt with carbon paper.

I decided it would look most striking in my new favorite color combo: turquoise, silver/gray, and yellow.   So on the hoop the skirt goes...

And finally, Random Photo of the Day:

Went to the Leu Gardens yesterday.  Was surprised to find that yams grow on trees.  Someone please tell me what the f@¢k I'm looking at, please.  Thanks.


  1. loving the skirt, please show us the final result! :)

  2. i for sure will! i always forget how very time consuming embroidering is, so it might be a while...