July 16, 2010

New Blouse Sneak Peek

I'm in Boston for a few days so the rehabilitation process has been put on hold for a few.  I recently got some GREAT blouses in some GREATER patterns and snapped a few close-up pics.  Proceed....

...Carriages!  And gas lamps!  And motorbike-type-things!  

Striking vintage Asian-patterned print blouse.  It's hand-sewn and looked to be quite old but was missing all of its buttons.  Why would some @$$ take all the buttons and leave the blouse?!

Well luckily, looking through my stash I couldn't believe that I found the perfect buttons.  Pearlescent black-gray, they match so damn well.  They're salvaged from the navy silk blouse on the right that was used for the belt for this dress.  Serendipitous!  Ok, maybe this is all boring sh!t, but if you can't tell, I love reusing and repurposing.  So if one blouse can be upcycled to make a belt for a dress and supply buttons for a blouse, then I feel like I've happily done my tree-hugging duty.

And just for fun...barn swallows!  Shot at Warren Dunes State Park in Michigan.  Apparently, if you get too close to their nests, they dive down, come within inches of your face and chirp loudly into your ear.  At one point, a swarm had descending on me.  Cute little buggers get defensive, I guess.

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