July 7, 2010

From Farmer's Daughter to Admiral's Mistress

My latest dress rehab is too hot to let go of, but sadly it is a bit small on me.  So look for it on Bombshell Rehab in the next few days.  The navy and gold combo give it a military feel and it's so utilitarian with the side pockets!   

When I first came across this dress, it was too long (almost ankle-length), its buttons were chipped, and had some pilling that made it look more worn than it really was.  It was downright dowdy...but I saw potential in its great pencil shape.
I took 9" off the bottom and put in a new blind hem.  Fortunately, I was able to retain the back-slit. It also got a thorough pill removal that gave the fabric new life.
The chipped buttons were replaced with gold crest buttons salvaged from an old blazer and placed lower down to allow for a racer-back look with the straps.
The finishing touch was a vintage belt that seems to have been made for it: textured black and navy leather with a gold buckle in an abstract shell shape.

I feel like an Andrews Sister in it!


  1. Hi! I found you on IFB!

    Ok. I'm totally in love with vintage and just love reconstructed vintage. I love how you show the before pictures and actually included WHAT you did to achieve your look. This is such a fantastic summer getup, and you look great. Aren't vintage finds faaaaabulous?


  2. Thats beautiful!! definetely a lovely vintage treat right in time for summer!! So simple and yet so chic!

  3. Thanks! I wish I could have kept it, but it has found a loving home so I guess that's the next best thing :)